FAQ’s for Parents

The average fees depends on the qualification and experience of the tutor and the profile.The hourly market rate currently is between Rs 200 to Rs 500, depending on the various factors like Tutor profile, place of teaching etc.

You can set your fees on an Hourly basis as well as Monthly basis as both the option are available on our platform.you can choose either of them.

As the agreement is between the parents and tutors, the payment will be directly paid to you by the parents.

The verification cost is born by the Applying Tutor on actual basis.

Verification process is done by a third party to avoid any biasness.The whole process takes tentatively ten time. The verification is a one time exercise and it is done once at the time of empanelment only. However Mytutorr reserve the right to do a verification at any time later at its cost if it desires so.

As Quality and verified Tutor is the standing hallmark of our service, we are very particular about ensuring all the tutors on our list is properly verified.It helps in making the community  safe and secure.

Once you fill up the Tutor profile form, It will be screened and if all the information is properly provided than it will be sent for back ground verification. Once the verification is successfully obtained than it will be listed for parents.

Go to Become a Tutor and click create profile page and fill up the form.Once you submit the form, you will be intimated about the successful acceptance of your membership for back ground verification.Once the verification is done than your profile will be uploaded on the website.

Yes, One can have the Tutor profile created for free. However it may not have the premium features.Though one can still get limited leads through email.

Once you fill up a form, the requirement will be shared with the prospective tutors meeting your criteria. Once shared the prospective tutors will get in touch with you on the phone number you have mentioned in the requirement posting form.

You can either find a Home Tutor from the FIND A TUTOR option where in you put your requirement in the search box and locate the Home tutor in your locality.Second option is fill up the requirement posting form.

Absolutely no fees from parents/ Students for finding a Tutor on MyTutorr.Com platform.